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September 20, 2011


I’ve blogged for some years on various sites but my two favorites have and  Here are a few of what must be scores of commentaries on various topics:



Posted by TOLA ADENLE on Apr 12 2010.  Amman Ogan’s HERE AND THERE

[Men] Saying Sorry []

In “Baby can I hold you tonight” about two decades ago, Tracy Chapman crooned,“Sorry is all that you can’t say/ Years gone by and still/ Words don’t come easily/Like sorry like sorry … /Forgive me/Is all you can’t say …/I love you I love you/Is all you can’t say/ …/But you can say baby/Baby can I hold you tonight/… Okay, Tracy apparently had African-American guys in focus while Amma’s is African guys … keyword is ‘African’!


The difference a man makes

Posted by TOLA ADENLE on Sep 16 2010.  Here is the introduction to Ms. Ogan’s essay so that readers can have a feel for it.  The link is below for the whole essay:


“Twenty-five years ago, November 24, 1985 to be precise, just exactly when this country was 25, I wrote a column in The Guardian with the above title. It was a lighthearted satirical piece, Nigeria was likened to a young nubile woman and all her past and current heads of state, the different men she had been had by.”


Thanks, Ms. Ogan. Did Young and Nubile listen to her mother and “play her cards well” with each? If I know the answer, I’d probably be able to take up the challenge of your Q. Anyway, at “a foolishly youthful 50 … much married”, I would not need a psychiatrist to tell me I should ditch all men. I go beg these louts to forget we ever met, go jump into Osa,[Yoruba for the Lagoon]  esp. that Segun wey preoccupied with virility, Then I go cross borders: South Africa; Queensland, anywhere and sell myself like an oil bloc. Who sabi, my luck fit change. []




YEMISI OGBE’s ‘Food Matters’

Posted by TOLA ADENLE on Feb 10 2011

 Sweet stolen waters

What a joy to read this! First, a sort of ode to plantains allowed to ripe in their own time – not forced with hot ash and as I was thinking of how in the world I could get corn in January without having to travel to Calabar, Ms. Ogbe drew us gently though firmly to the calamity of climate change. []


Sabarumo’s oil

Posted by TOLA ADENLE on May 05 2011

Ms. Ogbe, Thanks, as always for a well-researched piece. I’m from Ondo State which makes palm oil taboo particularly wicked: how do U cook ISAPA with no oil, or ORDINARY efo riro? Just this past wknd my spouse & I debated why our parents ate only palm oils – g/nut oil sparingly – and no dreaded diseases? Anyway, my trick is to cook stew with olive oil which I import – pardon the snub but age brings advantages. For veggie or Ara Oke’s ISAPA, I use the stew first and then a little palm oil. Ditto my beans.Looks are real; tastes are great and I tell myself all is well tho’ jury still out! []

After a long absence of ‘FOOD MATTERS’

Posted by TOLA ADENLE on Jul 29 2011

V. good things are worth waiting for though I’d started to wonder ‘for how long’ and ‘what happened’! Thanks for these gifts to your readers, young lady.[]



Ikhide R. Ikheloa’s EMAIL FROM AMERICA.

“How to be married (Part 3)

Posted by TOLA ADENLE on Apr 07 2010Hilarious! But hei, Mr. Ikheloa, women DO NOT actually buy into that ‘she’s ugly past a pig’ ploy. In fact, most women suspect a man when he goes that route.[]


Posted by TOLA ADENLE on Mar 13 2010

Dangote’s NSE Presidency, 2010: Court nullifies Dangote’s election as NSE Presidentby Odunayo Abiodun

It was wrong to have Dangote appointed President of the NSE with those damning allegations and counter allegations between him and his old friend, Otedola and some of us in the media did write about the absurdity of having somebody who had allegedly been instrumental in manipulating stock prices as NSE president, figure head or not. Otedola was equally accused by Dangote’s camp. I did wonder aloud why somebody else could not be elected. We have to wait for the upper courts. []


(After Mimiko gave his commissioners mass sack):  Ondo’s ruling party faces mass defection by Ayodeji Moradeyo

Posted by TOLA ADENLE on Aug 02 2011

Still on the matter of commissioners: Osun just sent the list of commissioners to the State Assembly after 8 months, and the state has been making steady progress. Aregbesola has even taken the clearance of highway bushes to “federal” Ibadan/Akure/East road, at least the portion in Osun. These appointed politicians are prostitutes. How can you move from PDP to AD …




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