Your Weekly Horoscope by Mystic Musa
He gazes into the stars and tells you what he sees. He also reads plams but he wont tell you the winning lottery numbers. Take him seriously at your own peril.

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Welcome to your year of uncommon favour, dear Aries. For a token contribution, I can help you realise all your potentials in this New year. Call my dedicated help line tonight.


Taurus, Taurus. Smile! Your time has come. Just call me today for special guidance and deliverance.


My dear Gemini, I wish I was born on the same day as you. Your good luck this year, is shinning brighter than your president's own. Call my special help line to learn how to claim your luck.


If you are a man, and if you are single, you will find the woman for you this year, or the man, if that is your leaning. But remember, it is illegal in Nigeria o!


What can I say? You are born under the luckiest of luck stars. You just need to call me straight away so we can work out a spiritual strategy for you.


This year, as a whole, whoever says it is not your turn, will not have their own turn. It is your turn, start dancing. Oya, call my special help line now, so we can help you with spiritual guidance and protection.


O dear Libra, how fortunate you are. You witnessed something terrible last year, on the tele, or computer, or radio. Well, those terrible things will not be your portion this year. Call my help line number today.


In fact, stop raying; God has answered all your prayers. Call me now so I can tell you God's answer to your requests.


Sagittarius Baba! Na you biko. In fact, I just want to beg you to loan me some of your brilliant good luck that God has in store for you. But, may your enemies not still your glory o. Call me now, for assurance-of-blessings prayer.


You have all you ever wanted, and you will have more than you ever dreamt of, this year and in the years to come. You are blessed and highly favoured. Your time has come. Sit back, relax, and let God pour his blessing miracles on you.


I see great things for you in the year to come. You are going to go places, and meet people, and speak speeches, and pen offices. You are indeed in for a rollicking, funtastic, prosperous new year. Call me as a mater of urgency.


You have come a long way from where you came, and you will go a long way yet. You have survived the famished road, and for you, things will not fall apart. Call me now, so that yours may be a beautiful new song in this new year.

Emotan 77
Former publisher of the women's bi-monthly, Emotan (1977-1984) and op-ed ... now publishes her writing here

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