Iwa Rere L’Oso Enia: Book Review Update & A Few Blogs Elsewhere

April 10, 2012


On January 29, I posted an old newspaper column I wrote for The Nation on Sunday:http://emotanafricana.com/2012/01/29/iwa-rere-loso-enia-poetry-review/

It is being re-posted today as I’ve finally been able to scan the cover of a copy to update the book review.  TOLA, April 10, 2012.


BLOGS ELSEWHERE – Sahara Reporters

Nice turn of grammar, Dr. Abati

Submitted by tola adenle on April 5, 2012 – 06:41

Sahara Reporters.

Dr. Abati’s English Lanaguage skills remain high but his logic is warped and his situation must be getting to embarrassing boiling point even to those close to him. Abusing Nigerians to remain in his position of a picker of crumbs under a rich man’s table may be great for his material acquisitions but must be killing his soul.  This kind of “corporate responsibility” in President Jonathan’s hometown stinks to high heavens and if the president does not know it, then Nigeria is in real trouble.  In civilized climes, it’s enough for the president to turn in his letter of resignation. As a grammar guy, what’s the line about Caesar’s wife in Shakespeare about not only being clean?  This idea of “fresh air” which Jonathan promised in his campaign stinks. emotanafricana.com


This is worse than sheer sycophancy!

Submitted by tola adenle on March 15, 2012 – 14:45.

Sahara Reporters

The naming of a whole district after a sitting president is beyond sycophancy; it is a disaster.  Worse, to have copied the Vegas template shows the unthinking zombie ways of Nigerians in high places.  If President Jonathan does not ask this guy to remove the Vegas-aping sign, then it would reflect badly on him, and of course on all of us and Nigeria as a whole.  emotanafricana.com

NYSC has become irrelevant

Submitted by tola adenle on March 1, 2012 – 20:05.

Sahara Reporters

The scheme has become too dangerous for members and their familiues, too unwieldy, while the resources it devors in proporton to its achievements are too vast/unjustified & it has become too political.  As one of those who perhaps are considered “not wishing Nigeria well”, I’ve written for years that it’s high time govt scraps the NYSC because young Southern NYSC members have become offerings to be sacrificed on the altar of the unattainable false  “unity”. Girls from the South are posted to the most remote corners of the North while it is well-known that Northern girls, esp. Hausa/Fulani never get posted to the South.If it must continue, members shd serve in their states of origin & no to pseudo “integration”. A married foreign grad in 1975 from Ondo State, I served in Oyo, FYI. emotanafricana.com



The shame of a country

Submitted by tola adenle on February 28, 2012 – 20:23.

Sahara reporters

True patriots must be wailing at this not-surprising outcome of the Ibori case. What a damning condemnation of our country to have a prosecutor in England tell the world that Ibori was never elected and that there was “effectively a thief in government house”! This is a country where NEPA officials would go in the night to remove armored cables only to have poor people in such neighborhoods or even rich people – it’s happened in GRAs – contribute sometimes half a million Naira or more to buy new ones! The stolen ones? NEPA officials apparently resell them to govt thru contractors. It’s the same country that produced a judiciary system that is so compromised that Ibori reportedly built the court that tried him for these same crimes and pronounced him ‘not guilty’.! What a country emotanafricana.com



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