Still on Minister Onwuliri

January 24, 2012

 Layi Says:

January 23, 2012 at 10:42 am

Ms. Adenle,

Thank you for your very good blog and observations on Viola Onwuliri’s agama Kitchen meeting. This was not a Town Hall meeting. I will rather call it a dinner or launch meeting with her (Onwuliri’s) friends. I am sure the Nigerian Government paid for this so-called town hall meeting. This is a good example of how Nigerian Government wastes our resources aimlessly, and without any good justification for it.
And by the way how many Foreign Ministers does Nigeria Government have? Ambassador Olugbenga Ayodeji Ashiru is the Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs. Is Viola Onwuliri Minister of State or what is her position in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

emotan77 Says:
January 23, 2012 at 5:42 pm e

Thanks a lot, Mr. Layi. I was not that surprised – though not unexpected – at the Agama Kitchen Proxy’s take on a post that did not want to mention the restaurant’s overall look because I had visited as I tend to do whenever I see any Nigerian establishment in any of my old neighborhoods whenever I’m in the States: restaurants, grocery stores, beauty salons, etcetera. Even though I may not wait for service at these places, visiting places Nigerian or African is part of my shopping experience, and it usually takes a visit to have my mind made up: the grocery store where music blares loudly while the owners’ young kids run around, the grocery stores with the pungent smells, the restaurants that fall short of my standard. That is saying a lot because I’m a down-home upcountry lady who has her favorite boli- roasted plaintain – sellers all over the towns I frequent in Southwestern Nigeria, there are bukateria in the same places that know when I’m not around!

Of course we all know the government paid for the so-called Town Hall Meeting and what I, like most Nigerians would love to know, is how much the lie cost.

I must confess, Mr. Layi, I have no idea what the professor’s position is. In fact, I had never heard of her; not that I know the names of most of Jonathan’s ministers which matters not, anyway. All these ministers, junior ministers, senior special advisers, special advisers, etcetera that Nigerian presidents and governors seem to have become enamored of since the REIGN of retired General Obasanjo, are at the root of the insane recurrent to capital expenditure ratios.

Regards, TOLA.


Adeyemi Adetoye Says:
January 24, 2012 at 2:23 am e

Perhaps they selected the OBSCURE location to avert the disgrace of emptiness of space considering the apathy of worthy Nigerians to their consistent deceptions. The team was in Boston last Friday, 20th in a better hotel facility in Quincy-(outskirt of Boston). Despite that Massachusetts parades large numbers of Nigerians and despite that Okonjo Iweala obtained her higher degrees in Boston, I’m told that ridiculously, few Nigerians attended the event. Perhaps also that they wanted it so because there was no information at all about the coming of the team to Boston.The whole charade was shrouded in a scandalous quietness. I got wind of the team’s coming from a privileged source just on Thurs. night. I could still have been among the few attendees just to confront the minister face to face on many pivotal issues. But my schedules at workplace cannot be changed abruptly. They wanted it so.
I want to believe that the gallivanting around to meet with Nigerians in diaspora was another ploy to siphon money. Callously, GEJ continues to fall for the deceit or perhaps he’s part of the grand plan to move, as a close friend said, hard currency out of Naija! Therefore, hosting the event in notable event centers might attract activists from Occupy Nigeria to their disadvantages. Whereas, perhaps in response to concerns from Nigerians like Tola, when a bigger hotel is chosen, publicity was intentionally reduced to near zero. So, PERHAPS, they were(are)-(a) well orchestrated trip(s)!



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