Labor & Action Congress Parties and the self-destructive politics of Nigeria’s Southwest: A short comment

November 3, 2011 

by Tola Adenle 

By the time the dust settles over the current narcissistic territorial fight in Ondo State, CPC, or any party or, even worse, the hated PDP could muscle in to rule and rape the state – again.  If truth be told, the war being fought seems more like a war beingwaged on the citizens of Ondo State for selfish interests.

Warning:  This may not be necessary as those who have consistently read my essays must know by now, I am an Ondo State indigene with deep roots in Ekiti State. And since I’m neither committed to the AC or LP, the two dominant parties in the self-destructive combat, and since blood does run thicker than water, I’ve pitched my tent and the thoughts contained in this short write-up with the masses of Ondo State.

Having been in the Nigerian publishing business in various capacities, I’m not interested in all the stories being carried in various news reports as I understand how such are generated. 

I am interested, though, in knowing exactly – for a start –  what aspect of governance the discredited PDP and those in news reports that will contest in 2013 intend to change which their party did not in almost eight years of despoliation.  Here are names being bandied as prospects for PDP always very expensive tickets from a news report in the Nation:  “Senator Olorunnimbe Farunkanmi, Dr Tayo Dairo, Prof Agbi ,Dr  Agagu, Omolade Oluwateru. PDP sources said that the former Defence Minister, Tokunbo Kayode, and businessman Jimoh Ibrahim are also eyeing the governorship”.

By the way, I should be out dancing as such things go in Nigeria: my hometown of Iju in Akure North purportedly has TWO prospects: a PDP and an AC one of whom is a close relation.  As such things also always go in Nigeria’s current political scene, the supposed PDP may become ACN candidate!

The ACN field is as crowded as PDP always is:  Rotimi Akeredolu (SAN), Akinola Awodeyi-Akinsehinwa,  Tayo Alasoadura, Dr Tunji Abayomi, Hon. Segun Ojo, Comrade Sola Iji, Mrs Jumoke Anifowose, Dr Olu Agunloye, and Wale Akinterinwa.  

What baffles me is how a PDP “chieftain” like Tayo Alasoadura can perform a Kafa-esque metamorphosis into a “progressive” and how the “progressive” Action Congress, no matter how desperate for candidates, can go after politicians who are hated in their home communities and who jump from bed to bed in search of new greener pastures.  Alasoadura is not the only politician among ACN wannabes who has slept in “unprogressive” beds

Dr. Agunloye was Late Uncle Bola Ige’s P.A. which alone, apart from personal acquaintanceship knowledge, screams “progressive”.  As Obasanjo-appointed minister to replace a Yoruba slot after Ige’s cold-blooded murder, he was PDP but later became Labor.  Now, he’s AC.

My questions to the crowd wishing to rule  Ondo State are these: 

Dr. Agagu, Please take newspaper ads stating exactly how much revenue Ondo State received while you were governor, how much you expended on each project, etcetera and what you plan to do differently from your last rule of the State? 

Others in the PDP crowd:  which template are you going to use?  It is in the news, for example, how Olujimi, Fayose’s deputy, sat on a panel that nullified Bayelsa’s Sylva from the next contest.  N500 million has reportedly been given to PDP to change Sylva’s situation. 

As for others in the AC field a couple of whom I respect, take out ads in newspapers and tell us Ondo indigenes what exactly Mimiko is doing wrong and how YOU will change things.

This is for the Action Congress leadership:  Chief Bisi Akande and Asiwaju Tinubu, if we leave our flanks open, we may find that we have cut our collective nose to spite our collective face.  To most of us Ondo State indigenes, there’s no difference between the ACN and Labor.  All we want is good governance and the Action Congress’ fight with Mimiko seems to be diverting Mimiko’s attention and energy from what he needs to do and in Nigeria, this generally means that a state governor commits resources to things that do not bode well for state development. 

What would the N500 million allegedly paid off to PDP have contributed to Bayelsa’s development? Former Labor Chairman Oni publicly gave away his reason for leaving the party:  that he was not given the chance to make money as part of his return on his investment to the success of the party in the State.  What is the difference between his wants and what PDP blatantly practices?

Who are the losers in all these politics-as-investments?

While I love the English Language when used in context – “Ondo State will not worship foreign gods” attributed to Ondo State Commissioner for Information made me more than chuckle – I plead that ACN and PDP leave us alone in the State and allow the indigenes chart their own course as the West has solidly charted its course from the evil PDP.

By the way, Edo is – mercifully – freed from the clamps of the PDP but pray, tell, what is “progressive” in Oshiomole’s recent declaration: “Disregard criticism, Oshiomhole charges Jonathan” 234 Next.  The former labor (Union) leader “Commenting on the security challenges that have tested the strength of all security agencies in Nigeria, Governor Oshiomhole noted that Nigeria is far safer than some other countries in the world.  Nonetheless, he added that in spite of the problems of poor infrastructure, insecurity, unemployment and other sectors of government, the unity of the country alone is worth celebrating.”

THAT is reactionary.



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