What of federal civil (evil) servants who retire but do not leave the service?

August 10, 2011


Mr. A Afunleyin’s comments on Monday’s posting call for airing as it brings to fore two subjects:

a new method of “fraud” at the “Federal” level which sees officers due for retirement NOT really retiring but staying on at their jobs as “consultants” thereby depriving younger officers from moving up and worse, preventing the system from benefitting from the injection of young people with fresh ideas to running of government.


All over the world, there has never – pardon me – I have never seen a house with a decal announcing that a property is NOT for sale! Decals are not neatly placed outside these Nigerian houses that are NOT for sale but huge dirty signs that cannot be missed are painted ON the houses.

These two subjects submitted by a reader call for more airing, especially the “evil” servants who, years after tons of estacode, back-door earnings/collections, etcetera still find ways to continue to live off the system.  Many readers may miss the comments, especially since the posting is not current.

These two areas, especially the un-retiring retirees of Abuja could benefit from Dr, Jonathan’s promised campaign “fresh air” IF tenure elongation was not on his front burner.

I think a website like Sahara Reporters has the capability to help Nigerians know exactly what is going on with these “consultants” who cannot simply retire and go hang up signs of private entrepreneurship.

Comment on “Nigerian Embassies and Passport rackets affect citizens in Diaspora”

Ajipeya Afunleyin Says:
August 8, 2011 at 6:17 pm e

FRAUDS OF DIFFERENT KINDS: Passport covers, retired civil servants who refuse to leave service for younger people, etc.

Corruption and fraud in Nigeria have become so pronounced that even the Nigerian Government several years ago proclaimed a decree for it – decree 419. After about a decade sojourn abroad I started seeing on some houses “this house is not for sale, beware of 419″. I was baffled about this.

The civil servants have now been christened “evil servants” by many of their fellow citizens because of their evil ways – telling lies about availability of one govt. form or another – like the one you have written about here. The moment a person who needs a govt. form comes up with the right price, the form will manifest it self from nowhere. A foreign consultant remarked recently that if Nigerians can direct their ingenuity towards positive things our nation will surpass South Korea, etc.

Right now a new fraud is developing fast at the Federal level and if not checked it is going to engulf the States.   Retirees are now working as “consultants” in their various ministries at a much higher pay and virtually not adding any value to the work of such ministries. There are two angles to look at this. 1. If they are as good as they are being treated they would not have worked till they retire but would have gone out and started consultancy companies in their productive years. 2/ Younger people who should bring fresh ideas are not getting the opportunities to serve their country/ Therefore, this is job for the boys and girls sort of. Retirement is supposed to infuse fresh blood into the service. But this fraudulent back door practice is resulting in keeping dead woods in service until they “transit to higher glory”.

How do you solve a problem like Nigeria. a country that has become synonymous with corruption. a country where the news of stolen billions of naira does not mean anything.  Speaker Bankole’s alleged billions of looted or stolen or mismanaged money is on the way to being buried.



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