Still on disgraced IMF’s Kahn and hapless Nafi Diallo

July 29, 2011


by Tola Adenle

Apart from the mirthful “Arnie the Terminator produces ‘Ruining Lives’ starring IMF’s DSK for Big Apple’s Off-Cannes” on the consequences of Arnold Schwarznegger and Dominique Kahn’s libido problems on May 23, I’ve blogged a couple of other essays on the dastardly event that took place in Kahn’s expensive hotel suite in May and the subsequent unfolding soap-like stories.

Much as the defence and Kahn-leaning types would wish the story away by discrediting Ms. Nafissatou Dialo as a lying, calculating money grabber, I think Kahn should be made to anwer through use of evidence reportedly gathered:  did Kahn force her against her will to have what is now being marketed as “consensual sex” – or is it all a fabrication to extort money as being claimed?

While it is true that an accuser’s history rightly counts for much in his/her being believed, the American justice system did not believe Mike Tyson and he was hounded to jail in spite of claiming that one of the girls in the Miss Black America Pageant of 1992 who left the safety of her hotel room – had had consensual sex with him.  That nice girl – I’m sure from a nice Christian home – went to the Evil Mike Tyson’s hotel suite at 2.00 a.m.  I once wondered aloud in a newspaper essay whether Miss Desiree Washington went to view Bad Mike’s world-famous art collection in the bedroom of a hotel suite at that ungodly hour.  Of course that would have been a politically-incorrect thing to write in an American newspaper.  [I do not know that Mike collects any art.]

Consequently, everybody, especially White America, seemed to have rejoiced to finally see Big Bad Mike put away where perhaps most black males should belong.  Never mind the wonder by just about the same group regarding the “whys” and effects of high occurrence of female-headed African-American households.  Who did the upstart think he really was if not for Cus D’Amato, and what audacity to have once voiced a preference for black girls unlike a beloved near-buffoon (each time he opens his mouth) basket-ball player I won’t name who hates black women – SB, your Mama is black – “because they are not clean”!  But the law in America is very clear, and Tyson knew or should have known, especially being an African-American male against whom the decks are generally stacked – rich or not.

In America, the law is very clear.  Witness how the officers were quick to clamp the wrist jewelry of offenders – guilty or merely accused – onto Khan’s wrist which must have clashed with his jewelry of the real kind, say, a Rolex:  if a woman says ‘no’ even at the last moment, anything becomes a rape.  And whatever little self-esteem Big ‘Bad’ Mike had to start with was lost at that Indiana jail where he was warehoused for three years for raping that nice girl – consensus or not.

And there must have been tons of evidence on the fragile 18-year old while resisting the advances of the pugilist.  Many, especially African-Americans to this day believe Mike walked into a set-up but that is no excuse because he knew that black men must always be on best-behaviors in spite of the tremendous progress relations in America have seen.  After all, just two years ago, Henry Louis Gates, a renowned Harvard professor was arrested and handcuffed by a police sergeant for trespassing in his own home.  He had kicked in his back door when the key would not open the front door and before he knew it, a wailing siren was there, courtesy of a neighbor who saw an African-American man in a Cambridge, Massachusetts neighborhood where he could not have belonged.

The stories first peddled in newspapers that Kahn left evidence on the luckless woman must be the smoking gun with which this high-flying French President-in-Waiting who needed to relieve himself before flying off to add to the problems – pardon me, help to solve the problems of countries like Nafi’s Guinea – must be judged.  His history of women molestation at the Monetary Fund as well as in his native France must also be considered but with $1500-and expense-account PR flies – pardon me, practitioners – gifted with a feast, these are fat chances.

Nafi could be the one headed to jail which will be followed by – sorry – deportation back to the land of Camara Laye’s “African Child” and negritude’s Late President Sekou Toure.  Both might have lost their innocence before getting to France but I doubt whether the master story teller, Laye, could have crafted anything sordid like this.


Here is a blog I posted on an apparently hurriedly-written New York Post story, “Glammed-up DSK accuser suggests case is about race” earlier today. It seemed like a hatchet job that was so rushed as it must be gotten out that even the title line of less than ten words had an error which has now been corrected by early evening Nigerian time.  Please do not misunderstand me; I write essays and often go back and wonder, “how the hell did that go un-noticed?”

Okay, I guess it needs be mentioned since most of my readers reside outside the U.K. and the U.S.A.:  of course The New York Post belongs in the stable of muckraking Murdoch table.

Posting in response to Andrea Peyser in New York Post by Tola Adenle, July 29, 2011


So, what’s the essence of this story, Ms. Peyser, because your story is about Nafi’s race, either you like to believe it or not: “…two dozen supporters who stood guard, including church pastors and a prominent member of the New Black Panther Party…”. Has Nafi not borrowed a template from the American way that sees criminals, including axe murderers – white or black – cleaned up and “glammed up” in suits even when the accused never went near formal dressing before slaying the wife and children, etcetera?

How many refugees to any Western country can pass through without fudging on their needs to be taken in? They plead all sorts of persecutions: religious, cultural… and these are not just “wretched” Africans but Eastern Europeans, Asians and others.

Kahn is a reported serial women abuser and the fact of the case is: did Dominique Khan leave evidence(s) on this poor girl of forced sexual encounter? This is what should be on the front burner, not some muckraking from a luckless past of a young woman trying to make a life while falling into many mistakes which are not unique. If she has committed crimes – dealt drugs, launder money – what have you – then the system should handle that separately.

DSK – sounds like the title of a horror movie – IS the one that has questions to answer on this particular case and the DA better not live up to the reputation of a legal system that treats the poor differently from the rich and connected.



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