Aviation minister's cars cost so much because they are Flying Cars: Ministry

17 Oct 2013

Aviation minister's cars cost so much because they are Flying Cars: Ministry

Image: Saharareporters.com


Lagos – The Nigerian Aviation Minister, Stella Oduh, has explained the supposed purchase of two armoured BMW cars for the sum of $1.6m (N255m).

Saharareporters.com, a news website that may or may not be run by Ghanaians seeking to destroy Nigeria’s image, was first to break the story and back their claims with pictures of the ‘Washing of New Car Party’ thrown by the minister.

Not satisfied with leaking highly sensitive top-secret information, Saharareporters.com went ahead to price the cars in question and announced to the whole world that the normal retail price is $170,000 only.

This revelation, which amongst other things proves that the website is run by jobless people who have time to be pricing motor vehicles up and down the world, further demonstrates a total lack of respect for the office and person of the honourable minister.

In announcing a normal retail price of $170,000 per vehicle, as opposed to the $1.6m ($1,600,000) spent by the ministry, Sahara reporters are merely, and rather rudely, suggesting that thievery has occurred within the aviation minister as regards the purchase of the armoured BMW cars.

The minister would normally not join issues with pseudo-journalists seeking relevance for their websites, but as a charge of corruption (or at least wasteful negligence) has been made, it behoves the ministry to set the records straight.

Our journalists, working independently and not in anyway influenced by our publisher’s ongoing Airport air freshener spray supply contract, investigated the insinuated corruption, and in the process of investigation, managed to speak with ministry staff that set the records straight.

We can now reveal that the two, fully armoured BMW 760 LI cars purchased by the ministry aviation to the tune of $1.6M ($1,600,000) (N255,000,000), are not just bullet proof, but are also capable of flight.

Buying flying cars make sense since they would be used by the minister of aviation. In fact, it can be argued that the lady saved Nigeria a lot of money because she could have decided to buy a private jet instead of ordinary flying cars.

Indeed, it is only out of humility that the honourable minister settled for flying cars instead of jet planes like Dangote etc.

The true nature of the cars, namely their ability to fly, was meant to be kept a secret as it is meant to defeat attempts on the life of the occupants.

Now that Sahara reporters has forced the ministry to reveal this fact however, the cars’ ability to fly would no longer provide any advantage in the event of an assassination attempt as the intending assassins would now come prepared with heavy duty nets to catch the vehicles before they can float away to safety.

- C.K.J.

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Faru On 19/02/2014 09:05:33
I love your style; humorous but surely on point. Keep up the good work.
kelvin On 31/01/2014 19:22:16
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Emmanuel On 22/12/2013 10:50:32
my name Emmanuel I live in lags oshodi mafoluku,am twenty five years,I need a serious sugarmummy nd strength forward nd understanding person
Emmanuel On 22/12/2013 10:50:26
my name Emmanuel I live in lags oshodi mafoluku,am twenty five years,I need a serious sugarmummy nd strength forward nd understanding person
ehis On 19/12/2013 08:57:14
hm if na so it will be a good thing
Flakey On 03/11/2013 06:07:47
I am crying here with laughter, nice one. I really pity Nigeria
Deesilva On 31/10/2013 20:03:32
They have wings ...... they sure can fly ... lol ... or what else would they cost that much for.
Curious George On 21/10/2013 13:44:18
Hmmmmmmm!! "Pricing motor vehicles up and down the world, ,,," Some educated illiterate actually wrote this in an attempt to suggest that exposing corruption among our government officials is not important? Naija!!
yeaman On 18/10/2013 10:52:57
This is just so correct.nothing makes sense more than this. fully explained.aside the armouring of the car, the tyres are made of iron.those sahara reporters better go get a job
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