Police investigates Nigerian singer suspected of burying his friends alive

10 Jun 2013


Lagos – The Lagos State Police Command, Panti, has received several tip-offs over a Nigerian singer suspected of engaging in ritual-like activities.

The musician, one Tune Nut-Head, is reported to have re-enacted a Nollywood type ritual in his latest music video which may or may not have been filmed at Eleko Beach, Lagos.

In video evidence now available to the Nigerian Police, the suspect is seen submerged, fully dressed, in a bathtub filled with what looks like ocean water. The bathtub is itself placed on a sandy beach and here things really get M.F.M. strange.

Surrounding the artiste are four unidentified males who are apparently naked and who are partially buried in the sand with only their heads and arms visible.

The buried victims are seen waving their arms in what appears to be a plea for help or some kind of sign language to alert people to the fact that they are being held against their will.

Commenting on the disturbing video, the investigating officer appealed to anyone who may have any information on the whereabouts of the buried men to please come forward.

He said, “Until we have positively identified the people being molested in that video, and we have found them alive and well, we can only speculate as to what has happened to them.”

DPO Ibrahim further said: “It looks like some sort of ritual, but right now we cannot tell you weather it is money ritual or fame ritual.”

According to him, “A lot of our young-young artistes are now in the habit of following cult out of fashion; like Illuminati. But our preliminary investigations suggest that we are not dealing with Illuminati here: the depicted ritual is not sophisticated at all, so we are suspecting local ritual.”

In concluding he said: “After studying the video, we are now considering issuing an arrest warrant not only for attempted murder, but also attempted suicide, because, in the video you can see the young man fully clothed in a suit, inside a full bathtub, and there is no other reason for a dressed man to be doing this unless he is trying to drown himself.”

- Ngozi A

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Andre D. On 23/05/2014 16:39:39
Wow, the ignorance of Naijas is astounding o!! Despite the fact that WR has clearly stated that 'reports' posted on here are mostly from the overactive imagination of their contributors, Naijas are taking them serious. Education needs a serious revamp in this country... For the ignorant, before you post, look at the very bottom of this text field and I quote: Caution: This is NOT real! It's all BS made up to entertain you. For REAL news, please go to saharareporters.com
Humphrey don chidio On 21/03/2014 10:11:44
Nawaoo dis world where is he takin us2?
Bright On 29/01/2014 11:26:28
If you want something to investigate, why dont you investigate, why dont you investigate the death of Dagrin
Josy wonda On 04/09/2013 16:15:31
Una no get handword, make una go stan for read colet #20 per vechicle. Una won com investegate videos as say una mama born una for camera. Am talking to the nigerian police force, una stupid don pas goat own. Una salary na from stupidity.
Smart Person On 17/06/2013 13:15:27
These dumb Nigeria Police can investigate anything. Imagine, they now want to start investigating music videos??? For real!!! Wonders shall never end in this our obodo Nigeria. Stupid-ass popo...bloddy illiterates, the whole bunch of 'em.
Andre D On 14/06/2013 12:26:54
Una no go kill person with una gist o... hahahahahahahhahahahah.

At least, Bros don profile now and hin status go blow up. Up WazobiaReport

morganlil On 12/06/2013 08:52:38
what can we do?
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Caution: This is NOT real! It's all BS made up to entertain you.
For REAL news, please go to

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