Taking pictures of your food makes your food taste better

19 Jun 2013


London - A new study suggests that people who take pictures of their food and post such to social media are not crazy after all.

A year long research just concluded came to the conclusion that taking pictures of your food is an instinctive behavior explainable through evolutionary science.

Just like certain species exhibit seemingly pointless behavior which later turns out to be beneficial, so also people who photograph their food before eating it, and appear silly for doing so, are actually on to something.

In experiments conducted, test subjects classified as 'addicted to photographing food' were asked to eat without taking pictures of their food. The subjects where later asked to rate the satisfaction they felt from eating the un-photographed meal. They all said the food didn't taste as good as it looked.

As a control, the subjects were asked to photograph other people's food before the other people ate and surprisingly, when asked later, the other people said the food tasted just as good as it looked, if not better.

Scientists are bow baffled over how photographing food makes it taste better.

A theory being considered is that concentrated photons from a camera's flash, directed at food being photographed, somehow interacts with the molecules in the food, altering it to taste better.

“Something, maybe even at the subatomic level, happens to sirloin steak when photographed,” said a researcher. “It’s like it’s no longer just a slab of meat. We really can’t explain it.”

Based on findings, an app is now being developed which would automatically select the best exposure and filter for the food users are about to eat, making sure the taste improves as much as possible.

- T.Y. Niles.

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