UNILAG student uses magnets to disprove gay marriage: Alumni invite GEJ to rename school

19 Sep 2013

UNILAG student uses magnets to disprove gay marriage: Alumni invite GEJ to rename school


Lagos - A university of Lagos student, Mr Chibuihem Amalaha, has used magnets to prove that gay marriage is wrong.

The young scientist carried out his research in the laboratories of the university, where he observed that similar poles of a magnet repel. He concluded that this proves that two men or two women should repel.

His observation, though controversial, was recently proven in the Nigerian house of representatives where male house members, in close proximity to each other, where repulsed by their neighbours and ended up beating each other up to regain their space.

The young scientist, who is now tipped to be a future recipient of the Member of the Niger honour, has however gained enemies of progress who are envious of his ground breaking discoveries.

Chief amongst his detractors is the association of Unilag alumni. Following publication of Mr Amalaha discovery, the association, which formerly challenged President Goodluck Jonathan's unilateral decision to rename the school, have sent a letter of apology to Mr President and invited him to commence with the name change and to backdate the event to any date prior to Amalaha's scientific discovery.

- Jowo Mabinu

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Godwin On 11/03/2014 16:12:29
nonsence post
Tim On 01/01/2014 00:03:49
This is not an experiment to prove feelings of people.There is no relationship of your experiment. You need to understand that human beings are far more complex than what Chibuihem did. Results of an experiment is not accepted until it has been succesfully proved that it is true. You have only talked to non-scientists who have no knowledge of science.
Osas On 25/12/2013 09:53:52
I do not know the usefulness of this supposed discovery which is by no means new. Opposite poles have been known to attract while like poles repel. Nothing is new here. While humans are animate, magnets are inanimate objects that have no will if their own, unlike humans. That is why, in spite of this scientific fact, gay people still claim that they are attracted to people of the same sex. Of course, nature's design that a man should marry a woman and vice versa, needs no proof or argument and any deviation is a perversion like killing with your kitchen knife instead of employing it in the kitchen as intended by its makers. This is the case with homosexuality.
Enigma On 26/11/2013 23:04:11
Ol boi this post is mad funny
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