Lagos State to tax Aso Ebi

16 May 2013


Lagos – The Government of Lagos State has passed a new law allowing the state’s revenue agency to impose a tax on Aso Ebi.

Aso Ebi, (pronounced: Lace), is the matching outfits worn by celebrants or mourners to a celebration or a mournful event.

A traditional custom, the ‘uniform’ material is often chosen by the celebrant or t he chief mourner, and invited guests who are close enough to the individual or family are expected to ‘buy’ enough yards of said material, often sold by the celebrant or mourner.

The Lagos State Government now recognizes the institution of Aso Ebi as a commercial activity and thus, a taxable one.

As a result, celebrants or mourners are now required to register their Aso Ebi choices with relevant ministries before commencing sale of such to their invited family and friends.

- Dark

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