Nigerian President treated in Germany for excessive salt ingestion

26 Aug 2014

Nigerian President treated in Germany for excessive salt ingestion



Germany – The Nigerian leader, President Goodluck  Ebele Jonathan, has returned to his country after a brief trip to Germany where he was secretly treated for excessive salt ingestion.

As is customary with the administration of the most populous African nation, the President’s minders have denied the real purpose of the trip, insisting that the sudden journey to Germany was merely for sightseeing.

It is not clear how the President came to ingest such a dangerous quality of salt, but it is not thought to have anything to do with a recent hoax in the Ebola hit country. A few weeks ago, a rumour spread in the West African country claiming that taking salt bath and drinking large quantities of salt could prevent one from contracting the deadly virus.

- Jowo Mabinu

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O. Coker On 26/12/2014 03:08:20
We welcome President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to Western Germany, on visiting to put all things in order. Is better to see things himself if the election do not favor him, we are here to house and accommodate his money here.
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