President Goodluck Jonathan defects to APC

30 Dec 2013

President Goodluck Jonathan defects to APC


Abuja – The leader of Nigeria, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, elected under the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, has defected to opposition party, APC.

The President’s decision to crossover to the new party is to be revealed in a speech to be delivered on New Year’s Eve, a draft copy of which has been leaked to Saharan Online.

In the speech, the President will discuss the on-going insecurity in the country and assure the nation of his administrations’ determination to pray more fervently for a solution.

On the issue of Nigeria’s perceived snub at the burial of former South African leader, Nelson Mandela, President Jonathan will inform the country that a special panel has been set up to look into the matter.

The President will also let the nation know, once and for all, his ambitions or lack thereof, for the 2015 the election period. According to the draft speech, he will tell the nation that such an important decision as whether or not to run for office should be left to God. The President is awaiting God’s decision on this matter.

In what might be perceived as a major shocker, the President, while addressing the people, will declare his decision to join opposition party, APC, which already has amongst its members and supporters, such infallible, upright, honest and competent politicians as former Lagos state governor Tinubu, former dictator General Babangida, and former President General Obasanjo, to mention a few.

President Jonathan in his speech will let the nation know that he’s decision to move over to APC is only in keeping with his transformational agenda: it has become expedient for him to transform from PDP to APC.

He will point out that his administration is one that listens to the people; the apparent choice of the people for a new government come 2015 seems to be APC, so for him, GEJ, to continue leading Nigeria, he has to do the people’s will, as always, and move to APC.

A source close to the President said, and we quote, “We are going to APC because all out boys are already there. By the time it is 2015, only the first lady and the president will remain in PDP, so we are moving there now.”

- Jowo Mabinu


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