SEX SCANDAL: Spirits slept with girl says Pastor

28 Aug 2013

SEX SCANDAL: Spirits slept with girl says Pastor

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Abuja – The Pastor in the middle of a sex scandal has finally spoken out.

The man of God accused of seducing and having carnal knowledge of one of his flock over a seven day period in a hotel in London has explained that an Incubus spirit slept with the girl.

According to him, the girl in question came to see him in his hotel to seek help over an invisible sprit that was molesting her on a daily basis.

On the first day, he prayed with her and Incubs, a male demon that sleeps with women, was revealed as the culprit.

During that first day of prayers, he said, he witnessed the demon gently removing the girl’s underwear before getting between her legs and having intercourse with her.

He subsequently expelled the demon and the girl left, demoneless.

The next day however, the lady returned claiming that the spirit had molested her again.

The Pastor realised that the infestation was probably due to the places the girl visited, thus he followed her to a club she had gone to the previous night. This, he said, explains the girl’s accusation that he took her clubbing whilst in London.

He continued to pray with her while the Incubus demon continued to sleep with her, and for seven days this continued until his VISA expired and he had to return to Nigeria.

On why he initially told his congregation that God had told him not to talk about the incidence, he explained that there is Biblical precedence for this. According to him, when Jesus, as recorded in the Gospel, healed the sick, he often told the healed to go and tell no one what he had done for them.

He concluded by expressing his regret that he did not overstay his VISA and wait until the Incubus spirit sleeping with the girl had been permanently cast out and deported to hell.

He however said he bore no grudge against his accuser. “She probably genuinely believes I was the one who slept with her,” he said, “but this is to be expected as she was in a trance like stage while the demon mounted her, kissing her and fondling her breasts.”

- Jowo Mabinu

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newness On 16/10/2014 21:33:37
GOD 4give then
paul On 18/02/2014 14:44:34
spirit wahala
paul On 18/02/2014 14:44:34
spirit wahala
Stephen On 16/01/2014 13:50:26
I want 2 join
taiwin On 16/01/2014 02:07:06
wow.great liar hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ode
ibrahim On 03/01/2014 21:38:08
I wot 2 b rich
Neutral On 25/12/2013 10:04:03
Nawaaaooooow! Lock him up and throw away the key
Destcare On 18/12/2013 21:25:37
na u get your mouth talk as u like
Phil Duck On 20/11/2013 15:19:23
What an 'effin' liar.
Inka taylor On 13/11/2013 13:19:41
Half population of nigeria has dull brain, that is why they belive in middle man to meet thier GOD
Michael Aremu On 11/11/2013 19:30:17
Pls guys i want u to knw that evrythin u just read abt the pastor was made up,read further and ul notice ur on a falacious n entertainment page,hwever clowns should knw the jurisdiction of their jokes cos ds nat careful the way u label a man of God n call it joke hmmm.
Michael Aremu On 11/11/2013 19:25:06
No one should judge this man of God,we aint the one that called him,God if u are wise just keep short and pray 4 him,he is anointed no mata the aligations laid upon him,which are mare aligation n nt proven to b tru.and evn if its tru(which i doubt)dnt judge him.
dizzy:ice On 07/11/2013 10:55:42
wat an arrant lie.
kingsman On 15/09/2013 02:49:04
hahahahahahahah he should go and tell dis to primary school student, this is super storyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hahahahaha who is fooling who here?? wait ooo dis man think we are all kids hahahah chineke...
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