Emergency probe into the real identity of Pastor Dr Sign Fireman

07 Nov 2011

Emergency probe into the real identity of Pastor Dr Sign Fireman

Giving Chris Okotie a run for his money


Lagos - An emergency meeting of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) was convened just hours ago at the EFCC headquarters in Abuja, to discuss the sudden and frighteningly global emergence of a new super pastor here on Nigerian soil.

Many were first introduced to the life and style of Dr Sign Fireman by UK TV station, Channel 4’s Unreported World, earlier this week.

Many were astounded to say the least, but not as astounded as Bishop Ayo Oristejafor President of CAN, a man made more famous by his recent incomprehensible campaign against Islamic banking.

Bishop Oritsejafor’s reaction to the emergence of the new man of God was an outburst of pure outrage:

“Who is this Rev Dr sef? Who ordained him and where has his church been paying their tithe to? Definitely not to CAN.

“Oyedepo we know, Oyakhilome we know, even TB Joshua we know. But Faya-man, we do NOT know!”

CAN has now mandated the EFCC to commence a thorough and intrusive probe into the real identity of Dr Fireman, his nationality (as no sane Nigerian parent would give such names) and his money making tactics.

Questions CAN want answered include:

How did Dr Sign Fireman manage to amass such a large congregation without being noticed?

What is he trying to imply by calling his church the Perfect Christianity Mission?

On his Facebook fan page, one of his followers writes: “My daddy, I am one of the beneficiaries of your car gift…” How is he able to give cars away to his Church members?

All his followers refer to him as Daddy even though everyone knows that only the general overseer of the Redeem Christian Church of God owns that title. Is GO aware that this man is also being called Daddy by his congregation?

How does he get away with dressing and posing like a guy-man and posting picture evidence of such on his Facebook page? What manner of Christianity does he preach?

Also, on his Facebook page, why is he described by some of his congregants as ‘sweet tantalizing daddy’ and ‘the hottest daddy ever’?

Please visit Dr Sign Fireman’s Facebook page.

- Awa Niyen

Emergency probe into the real identity of Pastor Dr Sign Fireman


Obisesan Abiodun Michael On 18/04/2017 23:19:43
I thank God that always increase the power and wisdom of my Dad: Apostle Dr. Sign Fireman. He hardly had time to listing to Idle talk of the devil: so-called christian leader that talk and works to feed their tummy. They talk against Jesus Christ before and now to His son. Whatever. I call my Dad'Young and Mighty through Jesus Christ'. It is cool to let the caller of every servant into service to pass the Judgement. Dad 'Home and Abroad we Love You. Kiss
okereke loveth On 29/03/2017 16:58:41
The fate is that they are jealous of him, because at his age he has goon far, and God is really making uses of him, there is no need for that u people should just be praying for more anointing instead of gossiping ( more anointing dad, more grace) we love u
Chinenye On 15/11/2016 16:18:39
I pity every mouth speaking against d anointed one, soon ur eyes wl open nd u wl "cry had i know" daddy Dr sign fireman carry go, we're ever wt u sir....more anointing sir!!! Hey, none of ur criticism wl stop me 4rom been his member ok
prophet AKISANYA On 26/10/2016 00:23:40
God called him. End of story. Leave him alone.
prophet Dr Samuel OluKayode Idowu AKISANYA On 26/10/2016 00:21:50
Leave holim alone you foolish Nigerian false religious teachers and false organisations of Christians etc. This boy is right n called by God.m I love him.
Prophet Dr Samuel OluKayode Idowu AKISANYA, JD, USA. British n Nigerian citizen On 26/10/2016 00:15:33
What is wrong for this wonderful young man to used by God???? . is it a crime to obeys God's calling at his tendered age?. No.Nigerians and Nigeria people of all religion pwho are sick innm in their minds withouth without d truth knowledge of God , are the only one that would be challenging this wonderful glory of God in the life of Dr signplease leave him alone.l, u fool s. Is orisajafor,God?. No.. S csnal mind...
MR SAM On 04/01/2016 20:44:05
If all of you claiming to be true christian can not pray DR FIREMAN out of business since you believe he is demonic, then your Christianity has a big question mark...the GOD I KNOW IS A CONSUMING FIRE
MR SAM On 04/01/2016 20:39:36
If all of you claiming to be true christian can not pray DR Fireman out of business since u believe he is demonic then your Christianity has a big question mark.. THE GOD I KNOW IS A CONSUMING FIRE..
bassey peter atah On 13/07/2015 22:28:56
C A N u think u can stop my daddy no way ? daddy i love u . my name is peter bassey atah my username is chris sign while my facebook username is bassey peter atah , i love u daddy
Pius kaura Dominic On 15/08/2014 18:07:04
Whatever you can't stop us
Wonder On 21/07/2014 08:19:02
His he a medical doctor (Dr)?
chigoziem On 06/03/2014 18:49:08
i think the best thing to do u criticizer is to investicate on your own instead of being blowed by the wind.i am a member too and there has been no negative report of is rituality as i am concide,dat as reported dat he did something evil with plane evidence and prove.all d while he has started is ministry at age seven(7)yrs,till date.
inductionLord On 19/01/2014 06:54:25
I have come to understand dat people will only criticize u when u make it in life. Where were all dis critics wen dr fireman started? It is understandable in nigeria dat what we don't understand, we condemn and what we don't have we criticize. The best way to know a man is not by reading newspaper columns or listening to news report abt him. It is by living with the person day in-day out. And I have been around dr fireman for more than 3 years and I can assure u dat he is someone u can really call a father. As for many of u dat is judging him already, be careful cos one of the numerous things I know abt him is dat dose dat fight with him end up with calamity in dere life. How dare u say he is going to hell? Are u God dat decides a man's fate? A word is enof for the wise. I suggest u keep ur tongue still so dat calamity will not befall on u. If u want to know more abt dr fireman, get close to him. I bet u, u will love him more than u could imagine.
Benson obot On 16/01/2014 16:49:44
am Benson obot.am not a member of fireman.trust me only God can say who is who.fireman should go on.if he come from God time will tale.Thanks.
EKEH COLLINS On 10/01/2014 10:40:31
King solomon On 10/01/2014 04:22:07
im using this médium to call on my fellow perfect members.....we are tested....oué faith is being tired on the fire....we have to stand firm....no shaking....lets stand behind daddy.we will get through this.
THE MILLIONAIRE. On 09/01/2014 10:29:21
I see funny people with funny comments,boy 18yrs said he had been a member.need a prayer to be rich,and was told to bring d face of a teenage girl for d ritual and collect 100k.can't you sence a blackmail.the story is incomplete,at gun point anybody can say anything,CAN"can say what the like,they don't even know d way,very confused ppl.Fireman is not guilty,he knew nothing about this.is a blackmail.
Martha On 08/01/2014 12:13:42
For those of you in support of Dr Sign Fireman, I've got news for you. Have u read the confession of a teenage church member who said that ur TANTALISING DADDY asked him to bring the faeces of a young girl in other to resurrect the dead and in turn pay 100k to the teen.

By his fruits we know him.

Chika firegal On 15/09/2013 21:35:42
My dad is real...d tin is while CAN keeps on criticizin...Fireman keeps on movin..Am nt suprised..afta all JESUS was criticised by d PHARISEES nd SADUCEES...so its just lyk d bible days....
Oluwasegun On 16/05/2013 09:48:29
Dr Fireman (if he is really doing all this things in the name of Lord) is just a vessel, an empty one for that matter tat the Holy Spirit is only walking through... Shouldnt he propagate the God he serves and what commission the Lord Jesus handed to us.... people's soul is the most valuable thing on earth and not riches... "for what shall he profit a Man (All Men) if he gains every thing this world has got to offer and loses it's own soul" Note: Now is the time that the Lord God is lookin for true worshipers, those that would worship him in truth and in Sprit
T E On 11/05/2013 20:56:29
If churches pay tithe to CAN, who does CAN pay tithe to? Confused! Lol
Paul On 02/05/2013 15:10:18
I'm sure Oritsejafor must be off his track if he has not lost his sense of judgement. I looked at all the question he posed regarding Fireman and can only conclude that Oritsejafor must be suffering from disillusion as they all sounded like the fury of a frustrated man. I still remember when Oritsejafor started in Sapele. May be the EFCC should also investigate him as to how he managed to now 'amass such a large congregation without being noticed?' He also wanted the EFCC to investigate his name and identity! This is pathetic. Now I am not a member of Firemnan's church nor know anything about this man. I read abou him here and note there is a video made on him. I just watched the video and couldn't see anything different between what the guy does and the other pentecostal pastors in Nigeria including Oritsejafor are doing.
His Priestly Bride On 30/04/2013 23:35:06
After listening to the interview and the service of this Dr Fireman, I understand that they are taking advantage of people's desperation to gt out of poverty. The true gospel is the Lord Jesus who gave His life to redeem man from sin, to bring us back to God and clothe us with His righteousness so that we can have right standing with God. True prosperity is knowing the person of our Lord Jesus Christ intimately and seeking and panting after Him until you clothed clothed in His holiness. Jesus will present to God a Bride (a Church) without spot or wrinkle. That is the focus of the Church...to let the Holy Spirit do a work in everyone's life until we are conformed to the image of the Lord Jesus Christ. The people that come to seek the Lord are not to be tantalized with "quick rich scheme", it does not work that way. the Lord Jesus says that when we seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, everything will be added unto you". And, remember the word of God also says that a man's life does not consist on the abundance of things which he possess. It's not about sowing seed. Sowing seed is out of your personal conviction by the Holy Spirit. At times, the seed the Lord may require from you will be to serve Him full time, or to sow certain money into certain ministry, or simply spend more time with Him to reveal to you mysteries you need to know or to have a personal covenant with Him. Pls, do not be deceived, God is not mocked. This Dr, Sigmund needs, if he is called by the Lord, and represents the Kingdom of God, then he needs to direct people's focus on Christ and disciple them unto the likeness of Christ. You don't have to be rich the way they say there, but all you need is the fullness of the Lord Jesus Christ, who Himself bore our sorrows and sicknesses on the Cross, and has redeemed us from all curses of poverty, hell and sickness They overcame him (the devil) by the Blood of Jesus and the word of their testimony. Learnt to know God for yourself, by your personal experience with God so that you will learn to walk with Him intimately. Don't forget these two things: The just shall live by faith, 2. Without holiness, no one shall see God. This display of wealth (money) is what the world is also doing. No difference. If God gives us all that, praise Him, but s eek after holiness, seek to be conformed to the image of the Lord Jesus Christ, to be found in Him, Amen!
Sign fireboy On 08/04/2013 23:40:41
The time people use to say all sorts of rubish about. MY DADDy(DR FIREMAN) they should come and see how. Mightly GOd is. Also using his members to perform miracles also...
Sign fireboy On 08/04/2013 23:40:36
The time people use to say all sorts of rubish about. MY DADDy(DR FIREMAN) they should come and see how. Mightly GOd is. Also using his members to perform miracles also...
CHIZZY On 05/04/2013 15:43:34
Segun Toki On 19/02/2013 05:59:12
No one knows what it is, untill you examine and study. Prejudice kills or excalate the problem of our people. How can you judge a man based on his appearance? Bible says that, every tree shall be known by his fruits. You shall need to hear him out before any judgement can be conducted. Hasn't bible said, that some appear like white sepulchure but the inside is full of raven wolves or whatever but dirty things. That's the way it is that even those regarded as dressing nicely could be worst than those considered rugged. So be mindful of what you tall before the same measure is measured to you back. When it comes to spiritual matters, one should be slow to talk..but it's a pity that our people (Nigerians) are very slow to hear, and fast to talk...while bible recommends, fast to hear but slow to talk. Well, judge it yourself
ejiro. On 21/01/2013 20:53:16
frank, you are a fool, fire man you are going to hell, CAN, You have no moral right to talk to fireman. the whole CAN and PFN has become nothing but a political party. pastor ayo should resign now.
jeremiah. On 21/01/2013 16:31:27
This fireman is going to end up in hell fire. he is a real bastard.PFN and CAN should go and talk to their own sons like Idahosa Odiri and other fake prophets. thieves like idahosa preaches for PFN president. some of oritsejafor's children in the lord are worst than this devil called fireman. only God will help us.
nneka On 01/01/2013 08:38:32
Can shoul leave FIREMAN alone because they have deceived people for long and they are afraid of being exposed....
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