Federal Government committee to investigate $500000 paid to Kim Kardashian

20 Feb 2013

Federal Government committee to investigate $500000 paid to Kim Kardashian

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Abuja – There are indications that the Presidency has setup a committee to investigate reports that American reality TV star, Kim Kardashian, was paid $500,000 for a 45 second appearance on stage in Nigeria.

Sources in Aso Rock indicate that the president and lawmakers are concerned that if true, the exorbitant appearance-fee - in a nation where most citizens have to eke out a living on less than $1 a day - sets the wrong example.

In a leaked copy of a press-release on the matter, Chief Presidential spokesman, Reuben Abati, described the celebrity’s fee as outrageous, contemptuous, and aggravating.

He accused the show organisers of recklessness, insensitivity, lacking in professionalism, and of setting a bad example.

He called the decision to pay Miss Kardashian half a million dollars, unforgivably wasteful. 

The committee members are expected to fly to America on a fact finding mission.

Due to the moral implications of their missions’ findings, the Presidency has swiftly approved a budget of $5million dollars for the committee to enable them do a thorough job, so that such wastefulness would not occur in Nigerian in the future.

- Ngozi A.

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don pillow On 21/03/2013 22:47:20
na god go punish oga jeg n him papa if him never die.why him wan take 10 naira find 10 kobo?tunder fire jeg
Ejairo On 23/02/2013 17:22:18
Derrick and co why don't you try to read the disclaimer at the bottom?
derrick On 22/02/2013 08:17:28
to all the crew going for the investigation, politicians and goodluck u all are miserables sack of pubic hair and shit, god forbid numb nut of a leader we have, the country is fucked up you spend 5million dollars to collect 500,000 ur papa, our student abroad cant get student loan
Tessa On 21/02/2013 15:09:36
Abeg they should not go o It is a double waste. Let it go, you are not the funder of the organisers It is not your money Give charity the 5 million dollars to be used for the investigation o!
I.d On 21/02/2013 12:38:42
Thank you penny wise pound foolish! jobless politicians
shandy Burgah On 20/02/2013 12:57:10
It sounds very very cacophony, funny,embarrassing and disapointing that a great country with most educated brains could act and behave like this !! Ok, lets assume that half a million Dollars was paid for 45 minute whatever to Kanye s girl friend, why should 4 million be paid to investigate the matter ?? penny wise, pound foolish !!

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