We Ordained Them Before Giving Them Robes to Wear: APC Counters Fake Bishops Accusation

24 Jul 2022

We Ordained Them Before Giving Them Robes to Wear: APC Counters Fake Bishops Accusation


Lagos – The outgoing Nigerian ruling party, APC, has strongly denied employing fake bishops to attend the unveiling of the party’s Muslim Vice-Presidential candidate.

Already fielding a Muslim Presidential candidate, the party’s choice of a Muslim running mate has resulted in citizens of the secular west African state calling the so-called Muslim-Muslim ticket, ‘Dead on arrival.’

Speaking to reporters, a spokesperson for the party explained the lack of any records of religious posts held by any of the bishops who attended the well publied event.

According to him: ‘The reason people are calling them fake is because they were not called to their ministries till the morning of that event. We had a real pastor in attendance and he ordained all of them before they were given religious robes to wear.’

Explaining that it was all just a misunderstanding, the spokesperson, himself able to prove his Christian faith by providing pictures of his baptism, blamed the Nigerian youth for the uproar. He further admonished them, stating, ‘They (Nigerian youth) are very unruly. They go about calling themselves OBIdient, yet they like to mock their elders.’ He cited the intentional distortion of APC as Aged People’s Congress.

In a change of tone, however, he begged the Nigerian youth to please stop their viral social media campaign, #BishopChallenge, in which the youth adorn fake vestments in clear ridicule of the alleged fake bishops employed by the party.

He pleaded, ‘Please stop accusing the government of hiring fake bishops. It is not how long a person has been a bishop that matters.’

- Soji Marlians

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