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He sucks my blood

Hai aunti ngozi!

      I needurhelp because am really confused here. 5yrs ago i met dis fine boy dat 3yrs

later ended up being my boyfriend. i just dono how. And here’s the story:-

We were friends at first n we both knew there was sumting more than friendship in us and even the first time we met he said he could see me n him in the future. In all those 3yrs we were friends n did everything unless sex. He always respected when I said no to sex but found it weird dat he wasn’t desperate of having sex wiz me n found it surprising how patient he could be. All I remember was he bite ma lips till he suck ma blood into him. He made it look like it was an accident n he said he wasn’t disgusted of me, dat made me be scared of him.

So I started to avoid him, he always wanted me to confess me feelings 4 him yet he couldn’t take the first step so i didn’t. He knew I had feelings 4 him n so he called down da relationship coz i didnt admit how i felt for him n dat i was immature.

6 months later i called him to let him know how i felt for him n so we became together as an official relationship boyfriend n girlfriend! Now here comes the real ting am so bothered about, the sex! Auntie Ngozi, mark ma words! Am no virgin n neither is he, and his dick wasn’t that big dat my pussy would reject it like dat. He said dat everything we tried to have sex, it feels like sumting is in the way! And obviously am tight n so so we tried to use all sorts of lubricants to push it into me but it seemed to have hurt him more than it did to me, so it took us about 20 times of different meetings trying to have sex till all of a sudden it just slided into me just like dat, yet all those times we tried it refused to enter me. 

I wasn’t cheating or having sex wiz anybody else den dan him but when it just entered me dat last time we tried, there was no pain just pleasure like da best sex eva.

Now me n him have broken up for over 1yr now and I cant get over him or find anybody else dat i dont compare to him. I even nightmares about him destructing me n when i wake up i feel like sumting is wrong wiz me. In the dreams he makes me do tings i can neva do me maself. He take control over me n plays wiz me, which scares me coz  i dont recognize myself after dat n i feel like sumting is inside me.

Nothing goes right in my life and for sum reason it feels like hes watching me n hes happy dat tings arent going well for m. Wat can dis be auntie ngozi? Can he have done sumting like black magic on me? How do i get over dis coz i actually feel am over him but in ma mind he still catching me but am over him. By the way he eyes sumtimes become dark brown and even clear blue. He has scared me today n feels like i was  2gethere wiz a stranger. help me pliz anutie ngozi!




My reply

Dear Madazi,

First of all, you think you can just write this entire epistle and take up all my time and all the space on my column? Na wah for taking liberties o.

If you had only gotten to the point earlier in you long narrative I would have been able to answer you quickly.

You see, ehn? I do not do Vampire sturvs. Things like winch affliction, ogbanje spirit, mamy water spirit, eyes changing blue and black spirit, I do not do. I can only give advice on relationships and sex, but even at that it is only when the relationship or sex is between two normal people (not people that use to fly at night or suck blood).

If you know the way to MFM, go there. That is all I can say. Good luck with all that.

Aunty Ngozi


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